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The Way of the Cross is officially called “Via Crucis – the way of life”. It´s an educational trail built in the 17th century by Jesuits. It underwent reconstruction in 2013. Learn more at


František Palacký

Length: 11, 5 km    Difficulty: easy/medium            Time: 3 hrs

Signs and directions:
Janáček Park ( 0 km) – Skalky (1,5 km) – Svinec (2,5 km) – Kojetín, Strážnice rozc. (1,3 km) – Straník, rozc. (0,5 km) – Hostašovice, Domoraz (5 km)

František Palacký National History Educational Trail goes through mild or moderate terrain. It starts in the Janáček Park in Nový Jičín and leads through the recreational area Skalky, further through Kojetín and over Svinec Hill into Straník. It continues through Hostašovice to the Zrzávka spring and ends at the Hostašovice train station, where you can catch a ride back to Nový Jičín. You can also start in Hostašovice and head towards Nový Jičín. The Palacký cycle route runs parallel to the Educational route, but starts all the way at the Kunín Chateau. The educational route specialises mainly in biology and national history. The route goes through the natural park Podbeskydí.


In the Footsteps of General Laudon

Route: NJ, Laudon house (0 km) – Kunín, chateau (6,4 km) – Šenov u NJ, Banner spring (5,4 km) – NJ, Laudon house (4,9 km)

Length: 16,7 km        Difficulty: easy     Time: 4 hrs


The trail is a closed circuit with optional detours to other points of interest. It starts at Laudon´s House on the Nový Jičín town square, continues through the town centre towards Šenov u Nového Jičína, along the bank of the Jičínka River to the Kunín Chateau. The way back offers a detour to the Banner Spring in Šenov and leads you back to the town centre. Along the trail are numerous places that offer refreshments. This trail is ideal for families, even those with young children. The trail or its parts can be made easier by the regular bus connection between Nový Jičín and Kunín.

Points of interest:

St. Martin´s Church in Šenov u NJ, Kunín Chateau, Banner Spring. The Salaš has a beautiful view over the Beskids and the entire Nový Jičín town.

1. Laudon´s House

A huge army was amassed near Nový jičín in 1790. Its purpose was to reclaim the occupied Silesia, under the lead of marshal Laudon. The marshal fell ill during an inspection of a stronghold and had to be transported to Nový Jičín to rest. He succumbed to his illness on the 14th of July 1790. Ten years later, a ballroom was built in the house where he passed. It was reportedly the second biggest in Moravia, the biggest being in Brno. The house was converted into a pub in the beginning of the 19th century. On the 200th anniversary of Laudon´s death, the town unveiled a plaque and marshal Laudon´s bust on the frontage of the house.

2. Žerotín Chateau

The gate on the 28. října Street, which used to bear marshal Laudon´s name, will lead you to the former Terezian chateau. The chateau became the administrative centre of the entire Nový Jičín – Štramberk domain, the residence of officials, parts of it became an army hospital and the gardens in the nearby the Green Moat became an army cemetery. After the Battle of the Three Emperors, the chateau became the main headquarters of all field hospitals in Moravia.

In December 1925 the chateau with its grounds, as a Foundation estate Nový Jičín, became a part of the Emperor Ferdinand II Foundation for the Education of Aristocratic Youth on behalf of the Ministry of Education and National Enlightenment. You will learn about the rich history of Nový Jičín here. The chateau also holds regular exhibitions.

3. Town Hall

The Town hall inhabited this building since 1593. A military guardhouse, which originally stood in the middle of the square, was moved next to it in the beginning of the 19th century.

4. The Green Tree House

One of the oldest pubs in the town was bought out in 1721 to become a military accommodation. The Emperor Josef II himself spent the night here on his way to the Russian Tsaritsa Katherine II to coordinate a campaign against the Turks. This war was one of the opportunities for marshal Laudon to shine, when he conquered the Belgrade stronghold in 1789. The pub´s name was later changed from U Zeleného stromu (The Green Tree House) to Císař Josef II, to honour the Emperor. He was further honoured with a bronze statue, which was unveiled in 1902 on the town square.

5. The Old Post

One of the most remarkable houses of the entire town was built in 1563 in the Italian Renaissance style. It housed a hereditary bank since 1787. A number of important people visited The Old Post, for example the Russian Tsar Alexander I or Laudon´s contemporary, the legendary marshal Suvorov.

6. The Lower Gate

This is where The Lower Gate stood until 1842. The three storey building lost most of its fortification in 1643, when it was demolished by the Swedes. During the times of Laudon, the building served only as a residential building. One of the first local textile factory owners Johann Nepomuk Preisenhammer was born in the building, that´s why it used to be referred to as the Preisenhammer Tower.

7. Banner Spring in Šenov

We will walk up to the Banner spring with the source of healing water which reportedly marshal Laudon enjoyed a lot. The spring is named after another legendary commander, the Swedish general Banner. The hill, formerly known as The Military Hill, later renamed Salaš, has some beautiful vistas: from the Hukvaldy Castle to Lysá Hora and the entire Nový Jičín in the palm of your hand.

8. St. Martin´s Church in Šenov

The church was apparently built at the end of the 13th century and is one of the oldest churches in the region. The original gothic appearance is preserved in the square four storey tower and the sacristy. The church has been catholic since 1630. The crypt in the middle of the chancel is the final resting place of the legendary steward of the Kunín Chateau, Leopold Bernard Dittrich (1687-1754) and two of the children of Marie Walburga of Truchsess-Waldburga-Zeil, the countess of Kunín (1762 – 1828). The most notable parts of the church are the murals. Their author is the Moravian baroque painter Josef Ignác Sadler of Olomouc (1725 – 1767).

9. Kunín Chateau

The Kunín Chateau is the only chateau in Czech republic built by the renowned Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt. During marshal Laudon´s stay in Nový Jičín, the chateau was the home of its most famous owner, the good countess Walburga, who opened one of the best schools in the entire Austria two years after Laudon´s death and raised the eventual “Father of the Nation” František Palacký. The Chateau is open to visitors and its historically furnished rooms house portraits of the officers of Harrach´s infantry regiment and also the portrait of Xavier Harrach, general and contemporary of marshal Laudon. He was the father of countess Walburga.


Jičín Štramberk

Route: Nový Jičín. - Žilina - Puntík - Libotín (swimming pool) - Štramberk (square) - Libotín, intersection – Žilina - NJ

Length: 25 km (to Štramberk 12,5 km)     Difficulty: easy      Time 6 hrs. (to Štramberk 3 hrs)

Signs and directions:
NJ, nádr. (0 km) – Libotín, rozc. (7,4 km) R – Štramberk, nám. (4,7 km) R – Libotín, rozc. (4,7 km) – Žilina, ul. Beskydská (3,2 km) G – Žilina, šk. (1,5 km) NSFP – NJ, nádr. (2,3 km) R

Recommendation: Beautiful and fairly frequented route with many vistas, suitable for families with children. The route can be abandoned in the picturesque Štramberk, which offers many tourist attractions and has a direct bus connection to Nový Jičín. There are many places along the way where you can rest, enjoy culture as well as tourism and in the summer you can swim as well. Refreshments can be bought in Libotín or Štramberk. It is recommended that you take your own.

Points of interest: Libotín swimming pool, Štramberk – historical reservation, Trůba Castle, Zdeněk Burian Museum, Nový Jičín Region Museum, Hrstka cottage, Arboretum, Šipka Cave, Kotouč Hill, Bílá Hora lookout tower.


Nový Jičín – Kunín – Suchdol nad Odrou

Route: Nový Jičín – Kunín – Suchdol nad Odrou – Bernartice nad Odrou – Starý Jičín – Eye spring – Skalky, intersection- Nový Jičín

Length: 26 km   Difficulty: easy      Time: 6,5 hrs

Signs and directions:
NJ, station (0 km) – Kunín, zámek (6,2 km) NSFP -  Suchdol nad Odrou,  za tratí (4,5 km) NSFP – Bernartice nad Odrou (4,4 km) Y – SJ, nám. (4,4 km) Y – Svinec, kaple rozc. (1,7km) Y – Skalky, rozc. (1,7 km) Y – NJ, nádraží (3,3 km) R

Recommendation: It is a relatively long trail with mild terrain, but it can be cut short in several places (Kunín, Suchdol nad Odrou, Bernartice nad Odrou, Salaš, Starý Jičín, Skalky) and you can go back to Nový Jičín by bus or train (train only connects from Suchdol nad Odrou). You can buy refreshments in all the villages along the way.

Points of interest:  Kunín Chateau, Small town museum and  Moravian Brothers museum in Suchdol nad Odrou, Forest mill in Bersartice nad Odrou, Starý Jičín Castle ruin, Eye Spring, Skalky




Route: Nový Jičín - Žilina – Puntík - Libotín (route intersection) - Žilina -  Bludovice - Čerťák - Skalky - Nový Jičín

Length: 18 km        Difficulty: easy      Time:  4,5 hrs

Signs and directions:
NJ, nám. (0 km) – Libotín, rozc. (7,4 km) R – Skalky, rozc. (7,6 km) G – NJ, nádr. (3 km) R, NSFP

Recommendation:  This trail is suitable even for the less formidable tourists, it can be aborted at several bus stops (Žilina, Bludovice, Skalky) that will take you straight to Nový Jičín. There are few places to buy refreshments, so we recommend that you take your own. You can finish the trip at a swimming pool.

Points of interest: St. Nicholas Church in Žilina, reservoir Čerťák, trip destination Skalky. Several places along the trail (Holivák, Žilinský kopec) have beautiful vistas of the whole region.


Springs around Putník

Route: Nový Jičín - Žilina, school – Mill spring (U mlýnků) – Marián spring (Mariánská studánka) – Tourist spring (Turistická studánka) – Cross Spring (Studánka u Kříže) – Ivan spring (Studánka u Ivana) – Owl spring (Studánka u sovy) – NJ Žilina, bus stop U partyzána

Length: 6 km          Difficulty: easy      Time: 1,5 hrs

Signs and directions:
Nový Jičín - Žilina, škola (0 km) – Studánka u mlýnků (1,6 km) – Mariánská studánka (0,8 km) – Turistická studánka (1,5 km) – Studánka U kříže (0,2 km) – Studánka U Ivana (0,3 km) – Studánka U sovy (0,8 km) – NJ Žilina, zast. U partyzána (1 km)

Recommendation:  This trail only partially follows tourist signs. That´s why we recommend following the guide shown below. There will be no opportunity to buy refreshments, bring your own.

Guide and points of interest

The trail begins by the former Lower Žilina school. Don´t miss the turn to the first spring called U Mlýnků (Mill Spring), which is the most accessible and has a comfortable place to sit. You can find the rare stone trough from 1808, which was used to give water to livestock before collectivisation. From there follow the red tourist signs to Mariánská studánka (Marián Spring). This spring has been popular for a long time, as evidenced by the rock with the date 1919 etched into it. Continue through the place where a ski jump used to be (250 m – marked on a tree). Then follow the sign and leave the meadow in the marked place to the easily accessibly Toursit Spring (Turistická studánka). The two ways to reach the Cross Spring (Studánka U kříže) are marked by blue signs. It´s some 200 meters away. The water from this spring is brought here from a source that it some 100 meters away. The cross next to the spring looks a lot like Alpine crosses. There used to be a small building nearby, but it appears to have burned down. You can still see the stone foundations. Continue following the blue signs, first to a stream and then after some 500 m turn right and 750m later you´ll reach the last spring, the Owl Spring (U sovy). It´s named after the bird that inhabited the nearby ancient linden tree. If you want to visit the optional sixth Ivan Spring (U Ivana), don´t turn right but continue toward the stream, cross it and follow the blue signs to the left. There you´ll find a wooden memorial and a new spring. You can reach it by following the so-called upper path. This is where the corpse of a Red Army soldier was found after WWII. After he was buried in the Žilina cemetery, the people of Žilina built a memorial by the spring where he died. But let´s come back to the Owl spring, from where we have two possible routes back: following the comfortable “gasworks” road nearly to the top of Puntík hill and then simply come back to where you started, or taking the significantly shorter route with tourist signs to the U Partyzána bus stop.

The second variant, which might even be recommended, is to take the bus to the U Partyzána station, then turn left onto an unpaved road after 50m and visit the springs in reverse order. 


Starý Jičín

Route: Nový Jičín - Skalky - Svinec - Kojetín - Jičína - Starý Jičín – Eye spring - Skalky - Nový Jičín

Length: 16 km        Difficulty: easy to medium           Time: 4 hrs

Signs and directions:
NJ, nádr. (0 km) – Svinec (5 km) R – Starý Jičín, hrad (3,3 km) Y – Svinec, kaple (2,5 km) Y – Skalky, rozc. (1,7 km) Y – NJ, nádr. (3 km) R, NSFP

Recommendation:  This fairly frequented trail of a medium difficulty can be aborted or started in Starý Jičín. Buses can take you the rest of the way there or back. The trail offers beautiful vistas, especially from the top of Svinec and Starý Jičín. There are fairly numerous places where you can buy refreshments (Skalky, Svinec, Starý Jičín).

Points of interest:  Skalky, natural reservation Svinec, Starý Jičín Castle ruin, Eye Spring



Route: Nový Jičín - Skalky - Svinec - Kojetín - Straník - Hostašovice - Zrzávky - Hodslavice - Čerťák - Skalky - Nový Jičín

Length: 25 km (to Zrzávky 12 km)     Difficulty: medium    Time: 6,5 hrs

Signs and directions:
NJ, nádr. (0 km) – Svinec (5 km) R – Straník, rozc. (1,8 km) R - Hostašovice - Zrzávky - Hodslavice - Čerťák - Skalky - Nový Jičín

Recommendation: This trail is somewhat more difficult due to its length. However, it can be aborted in many places that allow for a bus ride straight to Nový Jičín (Kojetín, Straník, Hostašovice, Hodslavice). It combines natural experiences with learning and culture. It can be enjoyed on a mountain bike too. You can buy refreshments for example in Skalky, in Hostašovice or Hodslavice.

Points of interest: Skalky, natural reservation Svinec, picrite rocks by Kojetín, Púchov culture hillfort Požaha, pillow lava in Straník, natural reservation Zrzávka springs, buckwheat mill in Hostašovice, natural reservation Domoraz meadows, Hodslavice – birthplace of František Palacký, wooden church of st. Andrew, Old Vogt´s house, Dutch Windmill, reservoir Kacabaja, reservoir Čerťák




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